Prayer of Preparation for Worship

Heavenly Father, we gather today as a people who, with an ear to hear what the Spirit says (Rev 2:11) have heard your call by the power of your Holy Spirit, and have believed the gospel of Jesus, who is (as John tells us) ‘the first and the last, who died and came to life.” (Rev 2:8 ESV)

Lord, continue your work in us, grating us ears to hear and respond to the gospel. Spirit, help us to celebrate the person and work of Jesus today. Order our hearts and minds that we would be held captive to that which is good, true and beautiful and to respond in adoration, praise, and thanksgiving.

Lord, many of us have hobbled into this gathering today weak, tired, discouraged, burdened, apathetic. Some come carrying doubt, clinging by a thread to their faith. Lord, refresh our faith and renew our hope through the songs we will sing, through the preaching of your Word, and through the breaking of bread at this table or remembrance. Like the deer who pants for streams of water, Lord, may our souls thirst for you, the living God (Psalm 42:1). Amen.