We Are Waiting, Waiting Here


For the vision of the Bridegroom
Waits the well-beloved bride,
Severed only for a season
From her Well-beloved’s side.
For the hour when morn ascendeth,
And the shadows disappear,
For the signs of heavenly glory,
We are waiting, waiting here!

For the coming of the Bridegroom,
Whom, though yet unseen we love,
For the King of saints, returning
In His glory from above;
For the shout that shakes the prison,
For the trumpet loud and clear,
For the voice of the archangel,
We are waiting, waiting here!

Morn of morns, it comes at last,
All the gloom of ages past.
For the day of days the brightest
We are waiting, waiting here!

For the light beyond the darkness,
When the reign of sin is done,
When the storm has ceased its raging,
And the haven has been won;
For the joy beyond the sorrow,
Joy of the eternal year,
For the resurrection splendor
We are waiting, waiting here!


For the day of ended battle,
For the victor’s palm and crown,
For the day of recognition,
When the King shall claim His own;
For the day when He who loved her
Shall in glory reappear,
For the day of revelation,
We are waiting, waiting here!


We are waiting, waiting,
waiting, waiting here.

Words by Horatius Bonar, Music by Gary Brumley.
© 2015 New Moniker Music. CCLI Song Number: 7064019



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I came up with the melody for this song while reflecting on the nature of life spent waiting on the Lord. I had previously heard another musical setting of this beautiful text by Horatius Bonar but felt the melody was too busy for a song about waiting. I started with the idea that the lyric “we are waiting, waiting here” should be sung on a single repeating note with moving chords underneath. I wanted to depict the Christian life of waiting with steadfast hope for the return of the Lord, while the world’s events and our personal circumstances are ever-changing underneath us. I tried to especially capture this feeling in the song’s ending, in which the refrain is drawn out and repeated under slow-moving chords with a rising bass and bit of musical dissonance that finally rests on the word “here.”  May this song remind all who sing it that our citizenship is in heaven, and from it, we await our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.– Gary Brumley

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