Christ is Our Redeemer


Come, Lord Jesus to Your people on this day.
We need You. Lord, we seek You.
Come in splendor, glorify Yourself today.
We need You. We receive You.

Come to the broken, come to the lost,
Come to the weary, who have come to the cross.
Come to the guilty, come to the shamed,
Come bring Your mercy, come and save!

Christ is our Redeemer,
The Lord of Heaven, our King,
Hosanna in the highest
To the Son of David!
Blessed are You, Jesus,
Welcome, Prince of Peace.
Great will be Your kingdom.
Come, Savior, save us!

Come, Lord Jesus, hear our cries to You this day.
We need You. Christ, we seek You.
Come in power, Jesus, lead us in Your way.
We need You. We receive You.

Come to the hungry, come to the poor,
Come to the thirsty who have come to You, Lord.
Come to the contrite, come to the slave,
Come bring redemption, come and save!

Words and Music by Gary Brumley.
Based on Matthew 5:3, 6; 21:9; John 8:34; Psalm 51:17
Copyright © 2006 New Moniker Music.
CCLI Song # 5989362



Christ is our Redeemer is an upbeat song with a driving rhythm written as an opener for Palm Sunday.


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